Should You Have A First Look On Your Wedding Day?


After the wedding date is reserved and the champagne is popped, one of the first questions I’m asked by couples is whether or not they should schedule a first look into their wedding day timeline. While this is a personal choice, there are some pros and cons.

Pro: You’ll be able to see your beloved in a more intimate setting.

Often, couples are worried about all of the eyes that will be on them while walking down the aisle. If you decide on a first look, Brandon and I will stake out a gorgeous area on the venue grounds that offers privacy and the optimal lighting for photos. We’ll lead you to each other, document everything as it happens, and you’ll be able to have a special time just to yourselves. This helps calm nerves, too!

Tip: If you’re not worried about an audience, you can always have the wedding party and immediate family view the special moment from afar so they don’t feel left out.

Con: Less emotion at the ceremony.

When my couples opt not to have a first look, it’s usually because they’re looking forward to having that magical moment down the aisle. You know the one. When the music begins, everyone stands, and the waterworks make everyone else in the room tear up. Brandon loves capturing a good groom cry on camera. So just know if you decide against a first look, we’ll still capture all of those fleeting moments that mean so much.

Pro: More time with friends and family members.

Since we’ll be able to take of the majority of the photos prior to the ceremony, including immediate family portraits, wedding party portraits, and couple portraits–you’ll be able to spend more time with family and friends after the ceremony! Many of our couples choose to set aside time for a few additional couple portraits after the ceremony, and then they spend the remaining time socializing at cocktail hour.

Tip: Don’t forget to schedule a few minutes during golden hour to get those sunset photos we all love!

Con: An earlier day.

Because we’ll be taking most of the portraits prior to the wedding ceremony, you’ll need to start your day earlier. We’ll work together to ensure hair and makeup finishes in time, and that we have plenty of wiggle room for photographs.

Pro: More couples photographs.

When you schedule a first look, you can count on more photographs of the two of you! You’ll have a variety of locations and lighting, which makes choosing those perfect photos for wall frames even harder.

So, should you have a first look on your wedding day? There is no “right” answer when planning your timeline. It all depends on your vision and the moments you feel are important. And luckily, we are happy to customize a wedding photography timeline that is perfect for you!

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